Jake Binnall
District 2 City Council
Brief info

Hi! My name is Jake Binnall. I have lived in Framingham since I was 8 years old and I have always cared deeply about giving back to the community that raised me. I am now running for City Council because I believe we can and must do better. District 2 deserves a strong, proactive voice who is ready to work.

More About Me


I graduated Framingham High in 2016, went to UMass Amherst for my bachelor’s and master of public policy, and I am currently in my second year at BU Law. Starting around age 12, I realized that I wanted to get more involved in my community. I applied to serve on numerous boards and committees, and eventually was appointed by the Selectmen to serve on the Community Development Committee. I was fortunate to serve on this Committee for over 5 years allocating grant money to local nonprofits. I also served as the Student Rep on the School Committee for two terms while I was in high school and was class president for 3 years. While at UMass, I continued to serve on the Community Development Committee, was appointed by the Mayor to the 2030 Youth Advisory Council, and served on the UMass system Board of Trustees.

I am now at Boston University School of Law where I serve as the 2L Representative on the Student Government, the Treasurer of OutLaw, a 2L Editor on the Journal of Science & Technology Law, and the 2L Section Rep for First Generation Professionals.

In my short time as a Town Councilor, I have seen the immense power of instilling both new energy and new perspective in local government.  I have always found Jake to be a collaborative leader and am confident he has the mindset, enthusiasm, and experience to positively contribute to the future of Framingham. 

Cobi Frongillo

Town Councilor - Town of Franklin

As a mayor in the Commonwealth, I’ve seen first hand how young ideas, backed by experience, can truly help a community grow and adapt for a stronger tomorrow. A fresh perspective that utilizes the City’s strong past as a foundation for new innovation can only help bring the City fully into a modern, vibrant community. Jake brings a unique perspective that gives him the skills, integrity, enthusiasm, and knowledge to make a positive impact on the City from Day 1.

Michael J. Nicholson

Mayor - City of Gardner

Jake Binnall has been a leader since the day I met him and has always gone above and beyond to help others. As his former 3rd grade teacher and a 33 year veteran teacher of the Framingham Public Schools, I can confidently endorse Jake Binnall for City Council. ”

Lisa Zanella

FTA Secretary

“Jake will bring his energy to any issues that District 2 or the City of Framingham may have. Though he is youthful, his passion has driven him to be active in Framingham politics for over a

Andrew Rokes

President - Framingham Firefighters IAFF Local 1652