Safe Roads

I believe it is vital for a more engaging, connected future for Framingham that our neighborhoods are connected via a network of walkable, accessible roads, trails, and paths. As our neighbors continue to be injured by reckless driving, disastrous intersections go unchanged, sidewalks are neglected and sometimes non-existent, and it is dangerous for many residents to walk from Point A to Point B as a mode of transportation in this City. 

As City Councilor, I will remain steadfast in my efforts to reimagine our neighborhoods and streets. We deserve wide, accessible sidewalks, roads designed for people first and with safety at the core. Tricky intersections need to be completely overhauled to support more efficient and safe travel. Our Councilor should not sit on their hands as this issues continue to pile on. We deserve proactive, actionable representation and I will be that for District 2.

Taking action on this issue
  • Meet with residents, business owners, and the Traffic Commission to identify areas of highest concern.
  • Secure grant funding from the state & federal government to redesign some of our largest problem areas, install accessible sidewalks city-wide, and expand the walkability of our neighborhoods.
  • Work with fellow Councilors and the Mayor to ensure that these problems do not continue to go unresolved and ignored.
  • Provide consistent opportunities for public input and feedback on the safety and accessibility needs of our streets.

In my short time as a Town Councilor, I have seen the immense power of instilling both new energy and new perspective in local government.  I have always found Jake to be a collaborative leader and am confident he has the mindset, enthusiasm, and experience to positively contribute to the future of Framingham. 

Cobi Frongillo

Town Councilor - Town of Franklin

As a mayor in the Commonwealth, I’ve seen first hand how young ideas, backed by experience, can truly help a community grow and adapt for a stronger tomorrow. A fresh perspective that utilizes the City’s strong past as a foundation for new innovation can only help bring the City fully into a modern, vibrant community. Jake brings a unique perspective that gives him the skills, integrity, enthusiasm, and knowledge to make a positive impact on the City from Day 1.

Michael J. Nicholson

Mayor - City of Gardner

“Jake will bring his energy to any issues that District 2 or the City of Framingham may have. Though he is youthful, his passion has driven him to be active in Framingham politics for over a

Andrew Rokes

President - Framingham Firefighters IAFF Local 1652