Strong Public Schools

As a product of Framingham’s schools, I understand the importance of ensuring our students and teachers have the full support of the City. 

I have grown tired and increasingly concerned about seeing the school system used as a backup savings account when the city needs to make the budget work. By listening to almost any meeting addressing Framingham’s financial issues, it is painfully obvious that some on the Council see the school’s budget as the first resort for budget cuts and fiscal solvency. Our schools deserve all of our support, not constant undermining. This hurts teachers, this hurts students, and this hurts Framingham. It must stop.

Taking action on this issue
  • 3-Term Class President of Framingham High School Class of 2016
  • 2016 Salute to Framingham Student Honoree
  • 2-Term Student Representative on the School Committee
  • I will work collaboratively with the Framingham Teacher’s Association, PTOs, the Student Reps on the School Committee and student leaders to ensure our schools are getting all of the support they need in order to prepare the next generation

In my short time as a Town Councilor, I have seen the immense power of instilling both new energy and new perspective in local government.  I have always found Jake to be a collaborative leader and am confident he has the mindset, enthusiasm, and experience to positively contribute to the future of Framingham. 

Cobi Frongillo

Town Councilor - Town of Franklin

As a mayor in the Commonwealth, I’ve seen first hand how young ideas, backed by experience, can truly help a community grow and adapt for a stronger tomorrow. A fresh perspective that utilizes the City’s strong past as a foundation for new innovation can only help bring the City fully into a modern, vibrant community. Jake brings a unique perspective that gives him the skills, integrity, enthusiasm, and knowledge to make a positive impact on the City from Day 1.

Michael J. Nicholson

Mayor - City of Gardner