Thriving Business Community

Now more than ever we need to be supporting our local businesses and cultivating a start-up friendly reputation. Not only will this help revitalize our many vacant lots in the District and breathe new life into our hubs like Nobscot and Saxonville, but this will also help propel our economy forward as we continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Framingham has incredible potential to attract start-ups seeking the Boston market but not the Boston prices. We can work together with some of the greatest minds inventing new ways of doing things and upgrade our transportation, our technology, our green spaces, and so much more. 

We also must support those businesses who have been fighting to survive over the last two years. As City Councilor, I will seek out every opportunity to provide and/or connect our local businesses with resources to help them recover.  I will also work collaboratively with local businesses on city ordinances such as the bag ban to help them adjust rather than surprising with sudden bans that hurt the way they do business. We can protect the environment and support our local businesses, it just takes communication. 

Taking action on this issue
  • Support the Framingham State Entrepreneur Innovation Center and establish formal partnership between the Center and the City focussed on training and fostering the creation of new business ventures that meet needs of the City here in Framingham.
  • Advocate for the creation of a start-up marketplace in District 2. I would like to see the City utilize state grant funding to purchase the old lumber mill yard and create a new park connecting the walking trails complete with an outdoor market and workspace for start-up ventures.
  • Establish regular communications with all business owners in the District to ensure they have access to whatever support they may need.
  • Collaborate with existing companies currently headquartered in Framingham to address shared infrastructure concerns by improving existing means of transportion and creating new ones.

In my short time as a Town Councilor, I have seen the immense power of instilling both new energy and new perspective in local government.  I have always found Jake to be a collaborative leader and am confident he has the mindset, enthusiasm, and experience to positively contribute to the future of Framingham. 

Cobi Frongillo

Town Councilor - Town of Franklin

As a mayor in the Commonwealth, I’ve seen first hand how young ideas, backed by experience, can truly help a community grow and adapt for a stronger tomorrow. A fresh perspective that utilizes the City’s strong past as a foundation for new innovation can only help bring the City fully into a modern, vibrant community. Jake brings a unique perspective that gives him the skills, integrity, enthusiasm, and knowledge to make a positive impact on the City from Day 1.

Michael J. Nicholson

Mayor - City of Gardner

“Jake will bring his energy to any issues that District 2 or the City of Framingham may have. Though he is youthful, his passion has driven him to be active in Framingham politics for over a

Andrew Rokes

President - Framingham Firefighters IAFF Local 1652