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Framingham City Council Unanimously Approves 5 To 7-Member Community Development Committee

FRAMINGHAM – The 11-member Framingham City Council unanimously approved the Mayor’s five nominees to the 7-member Framingham Community Development Council.

On June 30, Mayor Yvonne Spicer nominated four incumbents for re-appointment.

After the City Council voted to reject all the Mayor’s nominees for all boards and committees this summer for procedural issues, Mayor Yvonne Spicer added one name to her list of nominees.

She added a former School Committee candidate from District 9.

Nominated and approved were:

  • Current member Beverly C. Good from District 8 for a 3-year term
  • Current member Delmy Valentin from District 8 for a 3-year term
  • Current member Jacob Binnall from District 2 for a 2-year term
  • Current member Karen Duffy from District 1 for a 2-year term
  • Richard Baritz from District 9 for a 1 year-term

The 7-member Committee works in cooperation with the City of Framingham Community and Economic Development Department.



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