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Innovative Leadership About Jake

My name is Jake Binnall, and I firmly believe that we deserve more from our “leaders”. We need to be engaging in conversations about real issues, and finding creative solutions. Enough is enough. We are seeing unprecedented stagnation in our government, and that is unacceptable. I believe that decisions being made now will directly have an impact on our future, and that my generation deserves a voice. I want to be that voice. I want to be a part of the discussion.

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Too many young voices are being left out of the conversation. It's time we changed that.

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We elect leaders, but don't get any leadership. We need to start finding innovative solutions to modern problems.

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I am over this anger, disgust, and contempt so heavily utilized in political discourse today. Let's change that.

"Our Time to Lead"

Our future depends on our present.

Our Leaders Should Be Leading.

"Why should we keep electing people who aren't providing any leadership? Innovation, empathy, action. This is what we need."
Jacob Binnall
District 2, Framingham
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